Chevrolet Performance Upgrades

For many, a vehicle is far more than a vessel to transport them from point A to B. Car enthusiasts tend to seek out models that can give them a little extra flair on the road or provide them with an occasional jolt of adrenaline. If you have a Camaro or Corvette, you know it’s not just an eye-catching set of wheels. But did you know that Balise Chevrolet of Warwick has a number of performance-enhancing upgrades for these models? Let’s take a look at what’s available.

Gen 5 Camaro

COPO Camaro Cowl-Induction-Style Hood: Sometimes, adding additional power to your Camaro can crowd up the engine bay – especially if it already has a supercharged engine. If you need some extra wiggle room in there, then this cowl-induction-style hood will come in handy.

Camaro ZL1 Brembo Front and Rear Brake Kit: The 2010 and later Camaro SS or V6 models qualify for the heftier brakes found on the supercharged Camaro ZL1. The front brake kit includes race-proven, two-piece, 14.6-inch front rotors and six-piston Brembo aluminum calipers with the ZL1 logo. Meanwhile, the rear kit adds 14.4-inch rotors and four-piston aluminum rear calipers with the red ZL1 logo.

Camaro Exhaust Upgrade Package: If you want your Camaro to have a more aggressive edge, check out this exclusive exhaust upgrade. The larger tips and deeper sound will definitely leave an impression on the eardrums of anyone in its vicinity. The included catback system reduces backpressure, too, allowing your Camaro to breathe a little easier (especially when it’s paired with the ZL1 Low-Restriction Air Filter and LS3 High-Performance Heads and Cam Kit).

Camaro ZL1 Short-Throw Shifter Kit: To get faster and more accurate gear changes in your manual-transmission Camaro SS, you’ll want this kit. It’s the same shifter used in the production ZL1, and it includes the shifter, installation hardware, and your choice of a sueded microfiber or leather knob with contrast stitching.

Gen 6 Camaro

ZL1 1LE-Spec High-Wing Spoiler: This is what you need to achieve maximum rear downforce for your model year 2018 or newer Camaro SS Coupe. It’s built from exposed-weave carbon fiber, and its high-mounted, three-stanchion carbon-weave wing increases rear ratio downforce by up to 284 percent while only increasing drag by 9 percent – and that’s definitely a trade-off we can live with.

Front and Rear Brembo Brake Upgrade System in Red: The Chevrolet Performance Brembo front brake system (for Camaro LT or SS) features six-piston monoblock aluminum calipers with performance brake pads and two-piece 14.6-inch x 1.3-inch vented and slotted Duralife rotors. The signature red of the rear brake system will also intensify the look of your Camaro SS, since it matches the available 6-piston Front Brake Upgrade System.

ZL1 eLSD Drag Racing Performance Calibration: Hitting the drag strip? This is the upgrade to get, since it enables more consistent burnout performance for improved drag strip launches. Its exclusive calibration doubles the differential coupling torque during burnouts and launches by increasing the pressure on each clutch pack to prevent slip between the plates.

1LE Spec Handling Suspension Upgrade System: The Suspension and Sway Bar Upgrade System will no doubt enhance your Camaro’s already spot-on handling. This system uses the same hardware and shock calibration as the production 1LE, and its stiffer stabilizer bars, higher-rate springs, and handling links reduce body roll and increase overall steering precision.

2014-19 Corvette

Corvette Z06 Level 3 Aero Package: This package upgrades Level 2-equipped Corvette Z06 models and adds aspects of the Z07 Performance Package, such as larger end plates to the front splitter and an adjustable, transparent wicker bill on the rear spoiler.

Z51 Brake Upgrade System: The key to maximum braking power for your model year 2014 and up Corvette Stingray is this equipment bundle, which includes 4-piston front calipers, slotted rotors, and high-performance pads.

Corvette Z06 600-Watt Radiator Fan: Chevrolet developed this special fan to meet the Z06’s track cooling requirements. It also increases the fan speed over the Stingray’s 500-watt system for better airflow and enhanced cooling capability.

Cold Air Intake System: The Cold Air Intake System was developed to provide seventh-generation Corvettes with more horsepower and greater overall track performance. It yields additional air-box volume over the mainstream system and uses a high-flow dry-media filter that further reduces airflow restriction.

Chevrolet Performance Upgrades for Pickup Trucks


Chevy pickup trucks are already designed to do the seemingly impossible, but with the variety of available OEM performance upgrades, capability takes on a whole new meaning. From enhanced braking systems to off-road suspension lifts and accessories that are purely aesthetic, there are endless ways to customize your Chevrolet pickup and add to its utility. Here’s a rundown of equipment by model and generation.


2014–19 Silverado

Front 6-Piston Brembo Brake Upgrade System in Red: Included in this bundle are Brembo six-piston, fixed-aluminum calipers and larger-than-stock Duralife rotors. The Duralife’s hardened rotor surface helps reduce corrosion (and therefore vibration) and makes braking much quieter.

Cat-Back Single Exhaust Upgrade System with Polished Tip: This bolt-on exhaust kit will enhance the look and sound of your Silverado. There are versions for both the 5.3-liter and 6.2-liter V8s.

5.3L Cold Air Intake System: This factory upgrade brings in about 15 percent more air flow while it adds a great custom look under your truck’s hood. The air box is completely enclosed to ensure that the incoming air is as cold as can be for the best possible results.


2019+ Silverado

2-inch Suspension Lift: This system for 2WD and 4WD Silverado models has front and rear passive monotube dampers precisely integrated and tuned to the chassis, rear leaf-spring spacers, and all other pertinent parts. The truck’s driver-assist features are not affected since this kit reconfigures the front camera and calibrates the electronic power steering calibration to allow the safety technology to fully function. As the only official OEM suspension lift for Silverado trucks, it is in full compliance with Chevrolet’s warranty.

Exhaust Tips and Bezels in Black Chrome: These dual-walled exhaust tips and bezels in black-chromed stainless steel will add a unique touch to your Silverado. They have been tested under the toughest conditions to prove their resistance to corrosion and discoloration. Single exhaust tips are embossed with the Chevy bowtie logo, while dual exhaust tips are not.

Front Big Brake Upgrade System and Rear Color-Matched Brake System: These heavy-duty brakes are compatible with 20-inch and larger wheels. The rotors are specially hardened to reduce corrosion and provide quieter braking with less vibration. The six-piston fixed aluminum Brembo calipers come in eye-catching bright red. The rear brake system is designed to match the Big Brake Upgrade System, since they also include striking red calipers.


2014+ Colorado

2.8L Diesel Exhaust Tip Relocation Kit: Avid off-roaders love the Exhaust Tip Relocation Kit for the extra clearance (up to 2”) it allows without affecting function of the factory exhaust system. The departure angle is also improved by up to 9 degrees.

Underbody Skid Plate: This off-road accessory is essential to protect your Colorado’s underbody and transfer case from trail hazards.

1-Inch Leveling Kit: This OEM kit adds height and improves the approach angle for off-road adventures. The unique upper and lower spacer design preserves the ideal suspension geometry.

ZR2 Front Jounce Shock System: This trim-specific system replaces the factory jounce bumper and bracket on 2017+ Colorado ZR2s, adding a nitrogen-charged hydraulic secondary suspension bump for trail driving. Its benefits range from greater gross vehicle motion control and suspension bump capacity to exponential bottoming protection during hardcore trailblazing.